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Red River Valley                                                                Summer 2017
A publication of the Southwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association                                                                                             

Past President's Report

ChihChen Sophia Lee, PhD, MT-BC

Greetings to All SWAMTA Members!  At the end of May 2017, I will complete my six-year commitment of the SWAMTA Presidency (from the President Elect to Past President).  I thank you for all your support throughout these years: we conquered various challenges with courage, we celebrated our accomplishments with cheers, and we supported each other through difficult times in life and professional pursuits.  The increasing interest from the young professionals is an evidence of growth in the music therapy practice in our region.  Many thanks will go to the forerunners who have paved the way. The current and incoming SWAMTA Board of Directors will continue the mission in serving our members for even more excellent outcomes in years to come with the wholehearted supports from the members. 

On March 25, 2017, we were privileged to honor Ms. Jacqueline Schmidt Peters, MMT, MT-BC with the Mary Rudenberg Lifetime Achievement Award, our highest honor to longtime members who have demonstrated significant contribution in the leadership of music therapy practice in the SW Region at the closing ceremony of the SWAMTA Annual Conference.  Due to the time restraint for additional business added to the ceremony at the last minute, I apologize for not being able to mention sufficient amount of Ms. Peters’ accomplishments and contributions to the growth of music therapy both regionally and nationally.  A brief biography of Ms. Peters will be included in this RRV. Please help me honor Ms. Peters as a living treasure to our profession.

Once again, thank you for all your supports throughout these years and I look forward to the continuing growth of Music Therapy profession in the SW Region and beyond.

Respectfully submitted,

ChihChen Sophia Lee, PhD, LPMT, MT-BC                                                                                          

Past President, Southwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association (SWAMTA)

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