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Red River Valley                                                                Summer 2017
A publication of the Southwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association                                                                                             

An update from the President-Elect 

As I transition into the role of president for the upcoming term, I want to thank the outgoing 2015-2017 SWAMTA Board of Directors. I learned from each and every one of you and am impressed with the time and dedication each of you put into to serving our membership and the regional music therapy community.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our first electronic-ballot SWAMTA election. Overall, we had a 50.6% response rate with 10% of those responses from our student members. By holding an electronic election, we saved the region over $200 compared to mailing paper ballots. I extend my sincere gratitude for all candidates who stepped up to serve by running for an officer or assembly delegate position and congratulate our newly elected board members and assembly delegates: Carolyn Moore, President-Elect; Mary Altom, Vice-President-Elect; Esther Craven, Secretary; and Assembly Delegate representatives, Debbie Dacus, Ed Kahler, Karen Miller, and Della Molloy-Daugherty. I anticipate a highly productive term with such an outstanding team of professionals!

As your regional incoming President, I have two primary goals this term. First, I intend to foster a culture of transparency by regularly disseminating information about the work of the SWAMTA board. Please know that all SWAMTA Board of Directors meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. I also welcome anyone to contact me, via email or phone, if you have questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to discuss related to SWAMTA business. I believe that we all are leaders and have something valuable to contribute so I welcome suggestions and feedback. My second mission this term is to increase engagement within our regional community. By engagement I mean involvement. Whether you are advocating for music therapy by contacting your state representative, serving on a committee or task force, supervising practicum students, or just keeping informed by reading our regional newsletter, the RRV, all of us contribute in some way to the mission of SWAMTA: to advance music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services. I challenge you to think about the different ways you are involved, how your involvement contributes to the advancement of music therapy and ultimately, how your involvement positively impacts the clients we serve.

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