SWAMTA Executive Board

SWAMTA Assembly Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is the legislative body of AMTA. Each region is assigned delegate position based on regional membership. The Assembly Delegates are charged with representing our members. Please communicate with your Delegate your stance on national music therapy issues. assemblydelegaterep@swamta.org

SWAMTA Committee Members

Academic Program Approval- apac@swamta.org

Association Internship Approval- aiac@swamta.org

Clinical Practice Networking- networking@swamta.org

Diversity Equity Inclusion- diversity@swamta.org

Historian- historian@swamta.org

International Relations- internationalrelations@swamta.org

Interprofessional Collaborative Resources- icrc@swamta.org

Judicial Review- judicialreview@swamta.org

Membership- membership@swamta.org

Professional Advocacy- advocacy@swamta.org

Reimbursement- reimbursement@swamta.org

Research- research@swamta.org

Standards of Clinical Practice- clinicalpractice@swamta.org

Technology- technology@swamta.org

Workforce Retention & Development- workforce@swamta.org