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Red River Valley                                                                Fall 2016
A publication of the Southwestern Region of the American Music Therapy Association                                                                                             
SWAMTA President Antoinette Neff discusses new appointments and officer roles, the upcoming national AMTA conference, and SWAMTA's regional conference to be held in March 2017.

SWAMTA President-Elect, Christine Neugebauer, discusses her exploration of online voting in regional elections and the upcoming national conference.

A Message from the Vice-President

   As our new Vice-President, I am excited to let you know that plans for the “Cowtown Connection” are well on their way! Please come "Recharge at the Music Therapy Roundup” as we gather in Ft. Worth, Texas for our 2017 Regional Conference.

   Conference will be held March 23-25, 2017 at the Sheraton Downtown Ft. Worth. Plans for conference are well on their way, and the call for paper submissions for presentation proposals will be open October 1 and due December 18, 2016. We are also thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a 9 Hour (9 CMTEs) QPR Suicide Triage Training Institute. 

   There is more information about this and many other conference details already on the SWAMTA website, and it will continue to be updated as plans are made. Come to conference expecting interesting sessions, great entertainment, and (a personal favorite) an exhibit hall open both Friday and Saturday. 

   Please check out the SWAMTA website, book your hotel room and mark your calendar to join us for the “Cowtown Connection!”

Diane Powell,
SWAMTA Vice-President


Meet the new leaders of SWAMTAS, learn about the ways they are challenging each school in the region's student organization to increase student participation and education opportunities, and find out about SWAMTAS' offerings at the 2017 regional conference.

Texas Star Kids, a program that begins November 1, 2016, is a new Medicaid managed care program through United Healthcare that will provide benefits to children and adults 20 and younger who have disabilities.  

Kate Harrison, our representative on the reimbursement committee, provides details regarding an opportunity to become an “in-network” provider under this new managed care plan for reimbursement of music therapy services.

A Note from the Treasurer

  Thanks to the tireless efforts of the board and local committee, the Austin regional conference was a financial success!

  SWAMTA also recently re-invested in another short term, very conservative Certificate of Deposit (CD), which gains more interest than our savings account.

  Be sure to thank your board members for their volunteer efforts and donations of travel and food to the region during board meetings and conferences.  As always, feel free to email or call if you have any questions or want additional financial information about SWAMTA!

Amy Rogers
SWAMTA Treasurer

Got Publicity?

Stay in touch with SWAMTA's social media and publicity connection Veronica Butler!     

Help Veronica highlight the accomplishments of Music Therapists across the entire southwestern region, and contact her on the occasion you or your facility or practice are participating in or hosting events, or receiving news coverage.  Veronica can facilitate sharing your photos or other media in addition to raising interest about your story.

Veronica also assists with coordinating advertisements for conference programs.  If you have a lead on businesses or organizations that may be interested in advertising, please get in touch for more information. 

Veronica Butler, MSEd, MT-BC  

Continuing Education wants to know...

Have you ever thought about

teaching a CMTE?

Now is your chance!

We are excited to announce the CMTE call for papers! Applications are due October 31, 2016. Areas of interest from members of the SWAMTA region include:

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth



Taxes and Private Practice


Special Education

This year you can submit abstracts online by going to and clicking on the conference button and then CMTE. We are looking forward to a great conference!

Jennifer Townsend MMT, MT-BC
Continuing Education Director for SWAMTA

Getting to Know Kathleen Coleman

RRV Co-Editor Karen Sholander interviews a Music Therapy veteran, Kathleen Coleman.  Read about Kathleen's observations on the field, the importance of a livable wage for MTs, and having a full life outside of work.

Assembly of Delegates Report

Edward P. Kahler identifies the individuals who represent SWAMTA at AMTA conferences by serving on the Assembly of Delegates, and states the current status of planning and preparation for national conference.

Summary of Motions: SWAMTA Board of Directors Meeting
August 2016

Submitted by SWAMTA's Secretary, click to read a summary of motions made at the summer meeting of SWAMTA's Board of Directors.

A Status Update from your RRV Co-Editors

Click to read information about upcoming editions of the RRV.

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