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Haide Guadamuz 
Texas Woman’s University

Haide is currently finishing her coursework as a music therapy student at Texas Women's University. She is interested in working with a variety of populations in hopes to connect with others through music.  Haide has worked with children and adolescents of various ages and disabilities as well as in hospice care. In the future, she plans to get a master’s in music therapy to gain more knowledge and experience in the field.

SWAMTA Board Goals:

  • › Provide Music Therapy students the opportunity to develop as professionals
  • › Advance and promote Music Therapy as a viable health profession
  • › Implement the goals and purpose of AMTAS
  • › Represent the region at Regional and National Conferences
  • › Support communication and collaboration between Music Therapy schools in the region
  • › Keep members updated with any opportunities presented by AMTAS

SWAMTAS Regional Project 2015-2016:  

Educational Intervention Project

Project Description: 

Once music therapy students begin their first semester of practicum, they often struggle with creating interventions for the sessions they lead. Students do not know which interventions are best for their population and often do not know how to modify given interventions. Sometimes they run low on ideas and need inspiration or examples in order to help prepare for their practicum sessions. This project aims to help all music therapy students who are currently enrolled in practicum and are trying to build their intervention toolkit.


Beginning October 2015, the SWAMTAS board will each publicly display an Educational Intervention Project video through the use of social media (including Facebook and YouTube). SWAMTAS board members will post monthly interventions until the regional conference the following spring. These videos will be shared with all Music Therapy Student Associations. Individuals will participate in the project on a volunteer basis, and their colleagues who recently made a video may also nominate students to get involved.

Congratulations SWAMTAS Professional-To-Be Award Recipient Michelle Low!

One of our regional projects this year was the Professional-To-Be Award. The award included items donated by the schools in our region and $100 worth of supplies purchased by the SWAMTAS board, including books, gift certificates, instruments, and song books. It also included a $100 scholarship intended to help the recipient pay for the board certification exam. We received a $100 grant from AMTAS this year and that was included in the award! This award was given to Michelle Low from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She is currently finishing up her internship in Minnesota and plans to bring music therapy back to her home country of Singapore.

Scholarships for Students
and Young Professionals

SWAMTAS will be awarding TWO scholarships, each valued at $250. Recipients will be announced and scholarships awarded at the regional conference in the spring.

Applications will be available beginning January 2016, and will be due March 1, 2016.

Please plan to e-mail completed applications to SWAMTAS President Victoria Glaser at

SWAMTAS-Only Special Events
at "South by Music Therapy" (SXMT)
Austin, TX

Be sure to register early for a lower conference rate!

Please plan to attend the SWAMTAS Business Meetings.  All Music Therapy students are encouraged to participate with your school's music therapy organization. We will be voting for a new board of student leaders to bring the Music Therapy field forward.  Make your voice count!  Attend and vote for the leaders you feel will best serve our region and field! 

Needs to be addressed include: student networking and sharing MT experiences.

Scholarships and door prizes
will be awarded at the meetings!

Keep up to date with conference updates through social media, beginning early 2016!

Victoria Glaser
Texas Woman’s University

TWU senior Victoria Glaser aims to spread MT awareness throughout local communities, neighboring states, and internationally. Victoria has participated in the Jamaica Field Service Project, providing MT to a variety of populations. She looks forward serving on the board and to see where her passion for music therapy will lead to in the future.

Angeline Malegro President-Elect 
Texas Woman’s University

Angeline is currently working towards completing an undergraduate degree in music therapy at TWU. She is passionate about the incorporation of science and music inherent to the music therapy field. One goal is to establish a community between each individual students and the music therapy organization. Her primary instrument is piano, and she also plays viola and organ.

Siobhan Kelley
Southern Methodist University

Siobhan is currently in her third year at Southern Methodist University studying for her Bachelors of Music in music therapy, with a minor in psychology. 

A native to Dallas, Texas, Siobhan serves as the President-Elect of Southern Methodist University’s Student Association of Music Therapy.

Zachary David Figueroa Treasurer 
West Texas A&M

From Abernathy, Texas, Zachary has experience serving the West Texas A&M University music therapy executive board as secretary.  

Zachary is a trumpet player who studied music education, until he attended the West Texas MDA Summer Camp, where he learned about music therapy. Zach is also a member of Phi Mu Alpha.

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