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*While this schedule is the most current, it may be subject to change. There are NO Links to access events in these files. Those will be emailed to the address you used to register prior to the conference.*

Download the PDF File: SWAMTA Unmuted Program Schedule.pdf

Download the DOCX File: SWAMTA Unmuted Program Schedule 1.docx

Thursday 5/20/2021

5pm-6pm Student Business Meeting

7pm-9pm Opening Session

Welcome address by Todd Frazier, Systems Director of the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital

State of the Association presented by AMTA Chief Executive Officer, Adonia Calhoun Coates and AMTA President, Deborah Benkovitz 

9pm-10pm Professional Networking hosted by Marial Biard

9:30pm-10:30pm Student Networking hosted by SWAMTAS

Friday 5/21/2021

8:30am-9:20am Concurrent Sessions

Recertification Reboot. Convenient, Economical, and Certificant-Centered- Hindi M. Burkett MT-BC

Cultivating Creativity within a Child’s Legacy: The importance of Living Legacy work in Pediatric Cancer Care- Melissa Sandoval, MT-BC, Laura Cahalan, MA, CCLS, Ashley Smith, BA

9:40am-10:30am Concurrent Sessions

A virtual grief choir and students’ perceptions in practicum- Lauren DiMaio PhD, MT-BC; Grace Rmasey; Bailey Smyers

Adapting Music Therapy Assessment in the New World of Virtual Learning- Terri Hart, MT-BC

Roundtable for Educators and Clinical Training Directors- ChihChen Sophia Lee, PhD, LPMT, MT-BC

10:50am-11:40am Why Licensure? An Update from the Texas Task Force- Janice Lindstrom, MA, MT-BC; Tammy Takaishi, MEd, MA, MT-BC

11:45am-12:45pm- LGBTQIA2+ Music Therapists Meeting

1:00pm-2:00pm- Voices of Disabled Music Therapists Meeting

2:30pm-3:20pm- Passages: Familiar vs. Unfamiliar Music Selection For Music Therapy- Rui-Xuan Sherry Zhang, SWOSU

3:30pm-4:20pm- Passages: Prototype of Adapted Hand-Held Shaker for the Upper Extremity Motor Rehabilitation - Pei Hsun Fu, SWOSU

4:45pm-5:35pm- SWAMTA Presenters Panel: Virtual Services and Music Therapist Self Care- Patina Jackson, MT-BC; Kelsey B. Pena, MT-BC; Madison Michel, MM, MT-BC; Annie Roberson, MT-BC; Miranda Rex, MA, MT-BC; Suzanne E. Heppel, LPMT, MT-BC, CBIS and Jonathan Silbert, MM, NMT Fellow

5:45pm-6:45pm- Latin American Music Therapy Network Meeting

7:30pm-9:30pm- CollaboRAVE featuring Bernie Thomas and Natasha Thomas

Saturday 5/21/2021

8:30am-9:20am Concurrent Sessions

Music Therapy Cancer Support Groups Gone Virtual- Ashley Lundquist, MT-BC, Sarah Lynn Rossi, MM, MT-BC

Adapt, Accommodate, Achieve: Navigating Private Practice in a Pandemic- Adrien Beggerly, MEd, MT-BC and Anthony Hunter, Intern, SHSU

Possible Harm in Music Therapy Education- Josephine Briseno


Update from the 21st Century Commission: Where We Are Going- Daniel Tague, PhD, MT-BC; Donna Polen, LCAT, MT-BC; Betsey King, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT

Music Therapy 101Grant Howarth, MT-BC

10:50am-11:40am- Black Music Therapists Network Meeting

12:30pm-1:30pm- Closing Session featuring the Ermelinda Cuellar Jazz Trio

2:00pm-7:00pm- CMTE: Supervising the Music Therapy Intern


Creating an Adjudicated Event Inclusive of Students in Adapted Piano Lessons - Crystal D Lile, MT-BC

Critical Pedagogy within Undergraduate Music Therapy Curriculum: A Grounded Theory Exploration - Rebecca West, PhD, MT-BC

Fulfilling CMTE Requirements Without Going Broke - Hillary A. Deutsch, MT-BC, SHRM-CP

Just Give Me That Old Time Rock ‘N Roll!! - Terri Hart, MT-BC

Music Therapists and their Experiences with Client Death: A Phenomenological Study Through the Lens of Rando’s Mourning Theory - Sara Yoon

Music Therapists as Clients: Music Therapists' Experiences Regarding Personal Therapy - Claire Kendrick, MM MT-BC

Music Therapy, Texas Public Schools, and Telehealth: A Guide for Music Therapists Collaborating with Caregivers - Madeleine Stevens, MMT, MT-BC

Real Talk: Self-Care In a Pandemic - Kelsey B. Pena, MT-BC

Takeaways from a year of Virtual Supervision - Madison Michel, MM, MT-BC; Annie Roberson, MT-BC; Miranda Rex, MA, MT-BC

The Longest Year: COVID-19 in Inpatient Rehabilitation  - Suzanne E. Heppel, LPMT, MT-BC, CBIS and Jonathan Silbert, MM, NMT Fellow

Your Best is Enough: Setting Boundaries, Working Smarter and the Grace of Letting Go - Patina Jackson, MT-BC

Passages: Music Therapy: A Solution to meet all the needs of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder - Emma Davis, SWOSU

Passages: First Memories of Music: A Comparison Study Between Music Majors and Non-music Majors - Caitlyn Hazzard, WTAMU

Passages: The Effectiveness of Music Therapy in Quality of Life for Hospice and Palliative Patients in Taiwan - Ching-I Kuo, SWOSU

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