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The Southwestern region 

of the american music therapy association

Vice President-Elect*
Mary Altom, MT-BC

Esther Craven, MT-BC

Assembly Delegate*
Mary Lawrence, MT-BC

Regional Student President*
KaLee French

* denotes voting members

Quarter Note Editor
Karen Sholander, MT-BC

Student Affairs Advisor
Marcus Hughes, MMT, MT-BC, LMT

Website Administrator
Christina Stock, MA, MT-BC

Veronica Butler, MT-BC

Academic Program Approval
Michael Zanders

Association Internship Approval
Della Molloy-Daugherty

Clinical Practice Networking
Marial Biard

Kamica King

Eric Gumm

International Relations
Yu-Ling Chen

Judicial Review
Kathleen Coleman

Interprofessional Collaborative Resources
Amanda Sehr

Tiffany Laur

Professional Advocacy
Rebecca McCoy

Kate Harrison

Nicki Cohen

Standards of Clinical Practice
Gabrielle Banzon

Allison Etter

Workforce Development & Retention
Grant Howarth

The Assembly of Delegates is the legislative body of AMTA. Each region is assigned delegate position based on regional membership. The Assembly Delegates are charged with representing our members. Please communicate with your Delegate your stance on national music therapy issues.

Assembly of Delegates 2017-2018

1. Christine Neugebauer, MS, MT-BC, LPC
2. Carolyn Moore, PhD, MT-BC
3. Ed Kahler, PhD, MT-BC
4. Della Molloy-Daugherty, PhD, MT-BC
5. Mary Lawrence, MT-BC

Alternates in Order 2017-2018

1. Debbie Dacus, MM, MT-BC
2. Marcus Hughes, MA, MT-BC, LMT
3. Kathleen Brown, BMEd, MT-BC
4. Morgan Wood, MT-BC
5. Jennie Turner, MT-BC

Click here for the general meeting minutes from 2018 Regional Conference.

Click here for the 2018 Treasurer Report

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